“Stilettos on Steel”

I tend to stay pretty busy with my jobs and a number of projects I am working on. Rarely do I get the chance to have a girl’s night or weekend.  I do not get weekends off very often since I am usually working one job or another or attending to family members (my daughter Rachael), but this  past weekend was for me.  I signed up and sent in my payment for a “PMS” weekend.

It’s not what you think…I belong to a women’s motorcycle rider group called “Stilettos on Steel”.   I have been a member for 2-3 years, but have been in between bikes for about 6 months.  The Event is called “PMS, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome”, love the satire of it.  Not a single grumpy, moody woman to be found there.

Here’s how I came to be a Stiletto.  I learned to ride on a Harley Road King while working at EPD,  small police department (about 3 square miles).  I got my learner’s permit and rode with the reserve officers who taught me (Robert S, Mike B.-rest in peace little brother, Tom, Larry N. and a few others).  I thoroughly enjoyed having these guys ride with me and they were so happy to be treated like a person/colleague by a police officer, (because that was not their usual experience).  After I practiced for a while, I went to a motorcycle rider’s course, passed with flying colors and got my cycle endorsement.


A short time after I left EPD, I bought a Harley Dyna Glide, my husband bought a Honda VTX and we had fun with those for a few years.


Much to my dismay my husband sold his bike.  His jobs leave little time for riding during the summer months.  He bought a snowmobile instead.   I sold mine because I felt bad for it, sitting in the garage with me working so much and I was thinking about getting something a little smaller. Recently, the hub and I decided we would get a bike we can both ride together, or alone.  We put a deposit on a used motorcycle (no pics yet).  I can’t wait for us to pick it up.   Anyway, back to my story about “Stilettos on Steel”.

One of my friends (Cari D.) told me about the group and I was in.  I joined SOS so I’d have other people to ride with, mainly other non-judgmental women (which is a premise of the group).  SOS has events for members and some that include non-members and other rider groups too.  Needless to say this was the first big group gathering I was able to go to aside from Bike Time in Muskegon.  The first PMS event had around 20-30 attendees.  The second gathering, was attended by somewhere around 50.  This year, there were 95+ women of all ages (so far 24-79!) and riding abilities!

This group is awesome, because it truly is a sisterhood.  “Stilettos on Steel”, is a female riders group that aims for inclusion, empowerment, and mentoring.  There are chapters across the country and the group is growing each year.  It doesn’t matter what you ride, how long you’ve ridden, or how old you are.  I highly recommend it!

“Stilettos on Steel®’s main mission is to empower all female riders. Regardless of riding experience, we welcome you! “   https://www.facebook.com/stilettosonsteel/



Private Investigations: A Force Multiplier for Attorney’s

So what is a Force Multiplier?

According to The Unites States Department of Defense, it means: “A Capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.” 1.

Josh Kaufman, Business Author, calls Force Multipliers: “…Tools that help you Amplify your efforts to produce more output.  A hammer is a force multiplier…” 2.

The Cambridge Dictionary says: “something that increases the effort of a force.” 3.

In layman’s terms, any tool that can increase the effectiveness of what you are doing is a force multiplier, be it a Bachelor’s degree, social media, news media, hiring someone skilled in an area you need help with, a hammer (pounding nails with your fist won’t work) and so on…

Professional Private Investigators can also be a force multiplier.  As it applies to Legal Support, most attorneys have high caseloads and not enough time.  Hiring a Licensed Investigator with specific skills can help support a legal defense or offense.  Investigators can determine if a spouse is cheating, locate hidden assets in divorce cases, and can locate criminals, victims, witnesses.  If a client is accused of a crime that they didn’t commit but Law Enforcement has blinders on and doesn’t pursue other possible suspects it could lead to a wrongful conviction.  Investigators can run down these other witnesses, interview them and possibly find information Law Enforcement missed.  Some are also skilled in digital (think mobile phones) and/or computer forensics.  If you were accused of a computer crime and the computer has been examined by Law Enforcement, wouldn’t you want a second opinion or expert on your side rather than taking the Prosecutor or Police Officer’s word for it? I’m not saying police officers or police departments are bad, but sometimes their training is limited and there are a few bad apples out there.  Prosecutors get reelected and their performance is based on their rate of convictions, not exonerations.

Professional Private Investigators usually are experienced retired Law Enforcement or have some sort of government investigative experience.  They can also include Accountants and other professionals.  This means they are familiar with the mistakes some Law Enforcement Officers and agencies can make.  They are valuable at looking at police reports and seeing what’s missing or done incorrectly.

If you need a Private Investigator as a Force Multiplier, you should make sure to meet with them, find out what they can do for you (their skills), make sure they are licensed (very important) or work for a licensed agency.  Licensed Investigators are held to laws and ethical standards, and it is illegal for unlicensed individuals to perform some investigative services.

For your force multiplier in Michigan, may I suggest: http://www.bgiassociates.com

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