I have worked in Law Enforcement, EMS, Investigations, Public Safety, Public Relations, Marketing, Retail (think chasing shoplifters), and teach myself all kinds of useful skills.  I try to balance cerebral pursuits with creativity. I love to motorcycle, bicycle, kayak, and Ecotrek, interior design, photography, and refurbishing furniture. My volunteer activities include, the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and some other random things.

In 2013 I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, then picked up three minors, AD/PR, Geology, and Public Administration.  My areas of interest include Hydrology, Public Relations (for Police Departments)/Advertising (for our family business), Emergency Preparedness, and so much more!

Family Disaster Preparedness is crucial for all families but sometimes future planning and disaster planning can be overlooked for the functional needs population.  This blog aims to serve as a practical community resource for emergency preparedness and all things related to public safety.

My broad knowledge base has been useful already for so many things!  Finding time for all of it is challenging, but somehow, I get things done.

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