Security on a budget

Most people who need security solutions experience sticker shock when they check into having a home security system installed.  Recently, I was told about a situation where several neighbors on one street were surprised by a man going from back yard to back yard.  When one resident came face to face with the individual, the back yard interloper simply walked away down the street, nonchalantly.  It was 10am.

All the neighbors had called each other down the street.  It appeared to them that the individual was checking back doors/yards for houses that were unoccupied, unlocked.

The hindrance was that everyone was home, mostly retirees.  This incident was scary, and fortunately nothing happened.  There were too many witnesses, and the police were called.  There had also recently been daytime break-ins.

When this type of thing happens there are many things that can be done to discourage a break-in, day or night.

First, get to know your neighbors.  There’s nothing better than a nosy neighbor, or a trusted one that you know will watch out for you.

Secondly, do not make it easy for them.  Lock your doors.  Get motion sensor lights for outdoors.  You can buy fixtures and sensors at most of your local hardware stores, Lowe’s, Home Depot and the like.  Most are easy enough to install yourself.  If not hire an electrician to do it.  This should not cost a lot (shop around).  Burglars do not like light or noise.

Set a large dog bowl by the back door that says “Brutus”, or a very large pair of men’s boots will also deter someone (make sure they look used, dirty!).  If you are worried and can not afford to put in an expensive security system…there are some inexpensive things you can do.

There are a lot of personal alarms that come in many shapes and sizes that can be used in a variety of ways.   You can find these at Radio Shack, some hardware stores, and online at Amazon, Overstock and other places.  Just search for “Personal Alarms”.

Here are a few examples…

a personal alarm/pull pin type a personal alarm/pull pin/door A door alarm

You can use them “as is” or you can adapt them.  I adapted one for a screen door alarm.

Processed with Moldiv

I took the alarm, removed the long rope, added some loop key rings, and some double stick tape on the back.

Here’s how it worked…“>Click here for Video

Things to think about.  If you live in a cold area of the country you may need to periodically test it (batteries run down in cold environments) and make sure you use good strong double sided tape!