Rescue Renee’

Where the name came from…

I got the nickname from my job at Coopersville Rescue. I worked there as an EMT from 2008-2018.  I still maintain my EMT License because I use it at my current Emergency Management job.

My husband Mike has been a firefighter since he was 18 give or take a year or two.  He has also been a dispatcher, and is a farmer.  It is he and maybe a couple other firemen (Rob F) who gave me the nickname.  I actually think Rob thought of it first and when I told Mike he laughed and it stuck.  In fact he teases me about it.

Why?  Well I am guessing it is for two reasons.

First, a number of neighbors have come over asking for help before calling 911…my husband has a higher medical license (until recently), but they always ask for me.  I don’t know why.  But I don’t mind.

Secondly,  I am a clumsy oaf.  Really!  Mike’s pager can go off and like a silent ninja, he gets out of bed, dressed, and out the door.  Sometimes I hear the pager and the door close, but not much else. He is the master of stealth.

Me, on the other hand, hear the pager go off, jump up in shock, grab my pants, put the wrong leg in the wrong leg hole, fall down, utter some unintelligible oath, stub my toe, drop my keys, and finally out the door I go.  He sometimes will even roll over in bed and watch me try to en-robe properly with a laugh and a humorous shake of his head…

During waking hours he will chuckle, say “duh de dah, Rescue Renee!”, imparting to me some mythical cartoonish superhero status.

Husbands…(me rolling eyes)…

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