Social Media Love it or Hate it – After words

This is a follow-up to my post “Social Media Love it or Hate it post”.

I stated that I love Social Media.  I need to clarify that.  I love some social media platforms, but not all of them.  Since taking Technology & PR in Advertising, I have learned to be more proficient on several platforms but have also learned that I have a tendency to dislike platforms that are not fast and easy or that I have to pay for.  If I am unable to see what it is and how it works before I pay for it I will not take a chance.

I am very busy with family, several jobs, and school.  I also do some volunteer and pro-bono work, and am working on a book.  I really cannot  afford time-wasters, but need certain tools for some of what I do. Therefore, I am choosy about what I use because of the purpose or need.  If I do not have the need for a particular app or platform then it is useless to me.  I have learned that I need time in order to become proficient.  I also feel that for security, and safety purposes being proficient, especially when it comes to privacy settings is important.

There are the sites promising you 6 tips for better social media marketing, pay by Paypal, credit card etc. I guess everyone wants to make a buck selling their knowledge and experience.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to know what you are getting in return for your money.  If One wants to learn how to use a social media platform or learn things like this, it is so much cheaper to figure it out, Google it, or follow a tutorial.  Again, self-teaching or even taking a class takes time.

Be choosy.  Why?  The newest looking App or platform may look great in the description, but once you download it, does it mine your personal data?  If so, for what purpose?  Not only that, if there is a problem it is difficult to complain without a physical presence or email or phone number.  The established platforms have been tested, modified, and tested again. This helps to establish reliability.  I like that.

According to WHSV News there are apps that kids can download and easily sign up for that allow for a text conversation where the data is erased when the discussion is over.  There have been increases in police reports because some are being used to solicit for sex.  It is nearly impossible to find out afterwards where the text came from (Galvez, 2014).

The other annoying thing I have noticed is that apps or games I used to play or use often are now being commercialized. Advertisements pop-up in them (SO ANNOYING!).  Maired Ridge warns that, “This holiday season, brace yourself for a new paradigm in social marketing-one that values sales over status updates and commerce over engagement” (Ridge, 2014, November 9).  I think if this happens there may be push back from users who do not want to make purchases through the apps or over their cellphones and do not want their gaming activities interrupted. Unless an app has been around for a while, is tested and I do not hear of any big problems with it, then I might be tempted to use it, but not likely.  Those of us who value our resources and want to protect our identities and wallets may not jump on the bandwagon as quickly as others do.

After taking this class, I do not think my opinion has changed much on Social Media.  I think it is still a matter of choice, preference, and using the proper tool for any particular purpose.  I have learned that there are some things I am not very good at, there are some things I can muddle through, and there are others things that I do very well.  I will always seek to improve my skills and try to stay on top of current trends, but again that would mean I would have to set aside time for that.  I think it all boils down to priorities.


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Ridge, M. (2014, November 9). Forget engagement: This holiday season, social media is all about getting people to buy. Retrieved from:

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