As the weather fluctuates I have been noticing some things…We in Michigan are so over Winter. Friday we had a beautiful sunny 70 degree day. Everyone was in a great mood.

Today it snowed…people were upset.

Twitter exploded…Minnesota called the weather “bipolar”, Maine declared Spring is here and the snow is almost gone (while weather forecasts are calling for snow)…Emoticons crying and frowning were prevalent also.

It seems we who live in climates with diverse weather and seasons have a love hate relationship with the weather. At Christmas the white stuff is OK…but when we are longing for the passing of slush and piles of snow remnants, with dreams of shorts, t-shirts and trips to the beach, the white stuff causes despair!

But then there are the skiers, snowboarders, lugers, skaters, snowballers…you people are just crazy (no offense ;))

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