Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day everyone.

Everyone has or has had a mother.  Not all have made big contributions to the life of their children, but all have had some sort of impact, good or bad.

I have never been the perfect mother.  I have however tried to do what I thought was right.  My children have objected to things I have expected out of them.  The fact that I let them feel consequences of their behavior when they were young taught them early that there are consequences or rewards to their behavior.  As a child these tend to be minor.  As an adult it all changes.

I also told them that it would be so much easier if they came with directions stamped on their bottom, like a cabbage patch doll.  I had never planned to have children it just happened (I will not have the birds and bees talk here, laugh).

Life happens.  You make good choices and bad.  You learn from them.  You do what you think is right, sometimes because your own mother (and father) taught you what they thought was best.

On Mother’s day, I will be happy to spend time with family.  I will soon be a grandmother (cringe, how did I get old?).  My girls are grown and one is expecting her first child.  I hope I can be as much help to her as my own mother was to me when I called asking how to cook a turkey (make sure you remove the plastic package of giblets from inside before you cook it!).  What temperature, how long?  What to do with a difficult teacher?  A bully?

Motherhood is a continuing, generational cycle, not always biologic in nature.

Happy Mother’s day to all you Mom’s out there.

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