Rachael…blue mat…icky…blech…NO! Cookie!

Rachael was under the weather with a stomach bug a couple months ago.  This incident was relayed to me by one of her caregivers.

Rachael was feeling ill and had thrown up and had other gastric issues and thus stayed home from school.

RG was keeping an eye on her.

She was snoozing on the big blue beanbag in her living room, when suddenly she sat up.

She smacked her lips and made a face saying “yucky, icky.”

RG asks, “Oh Rachael, do you have a bad taste in your mouth from being sick?”

Rachael replies, “ucky.”

RG asks “Can I get you a drink of water?”

Rachael replies, “No!”

RG asks, “well, can I get you a drink of pop, will that help?”

Rachael replies, a little louder “NO!”

RG asks, “Would you like me to go get your tooth brush and some toothpaste?”

Rachael replies, a little louder, “NO NO NO!” while shaking her finger.

RG says”Oh Rachael, I’m so sorry you are not feeling well and you have a yucky taste in your mouth.  What can I do to help you?”

Rachael replies in a sweet voice, “Cookie?”

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